This weekend, AYA Project celebrated a major milestone with the release of the Kensington CAPA site’s second album, Unmasked. Featuring 7 students in 10th-12th grade, 5 of which were returning members, the album showcases not only amazing talent but also amazing openness, courage and growth. Second-year students Jesus Rivera and Ramsey Rodriguez combine for a breathtaking duet on “Knives in My Back,” while Deliyah Carrasquillo, Madeline Danielle, and Veronica Parks continue their incredible development as unique and powerful vocalists and songwriters. Makai Bey and Jasmine Joseph also make their first appearance on the album, bringing a huge array of gifts and styles to the table. Check out below for some pics from the Album Release Party, check out our donations page, and get yourself a copy of the album soon!