At AYA, as a program based in courageous creativity and a knowledge of the incredible things that every young person is capable of, we believe that  dreams are to be followed and goals are to be stated proudly. So, as we all continue our personal, professional, and creative journeys into 2018, we wanted to take a moment to speak into existence some of our own goals for the year to come. We hope that, big or small, some of these goals, and some of yours, will find their way to fruition before the year’s end, and we wish everyone a year filled with challenge, growth, beauty, and joy. Here we go!


Goal #1: Provide 20 student-artists in Philadelphia High Schools with professional mentors, studio time, and performance opportunities for writing their own ORIGINAL songs.


Goal #2: Obtain Fiscal Sponsorship, making all future donations tax-deductible as well as opening our eligibility for both private and public funded grants.

Goal #3: Hear an AYA Project student-artist on the radio.

Goal #4: Shoot a promotional video featuring student and mentor interviews, studio time, and performances to tell the world more about their stories, and ours.

Goal #5: Raise funding to expand AYA for a 4th year in 2019!!!


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